Toms P.

I did know this guy as youngster in Aizpute, but now he have a big apple tree garden and I decided to ask him out ;D to his garden! So we did made some photographies that will meter him even after a while as a story that this was beginning of something new.


It’s the little things that change us




Everything they had…

There in Latvia is small town called Aizpute where happens apple fest. They make juice, beer and even vodka. Thats fun to be there and see everyone in some process. So do I was in process filming everything and saw this nice old man with his dog standing aside – I stopped and changed my camera setting to photography (this wasn’t worth filming – but capturing in one photo).


Sunset at lake Ciecere / Saullēkts pie Cieceres ezera


Emīls B.




Laimīgu jauno 2014!!! / Happy New 2014!!!


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It wanted some more…

“It wanted some more photos!” I heard from other side of street after I took some photo of young cat siting on stump behind fence on street at city Liepaja. We started conversation and He told me that He also take photos of Liepaja with His compact film camera – and he allowed me to take some portrait of Him! Really nice man!


Jaņa Rozentāla akmens / stone


Akmens (saukts par Rozentāla akmeni) Cieceres upes krastā. Mākslinieks Janis Rozentāls uz tā bieži sēdējis un gleznojis. Akmens redzams mākslinieka gleznās: “Pie strauta” un “Ziemas ainava”. 20. gadsimta 60. gadu sākumā akmens sašķelts un pārvietots, būvējot tiltu pār Cieceri Jelgavas ielā.

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